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IMG_4692My name is Jessica Outram and I’m the writer here. It’s been nearly ten years since I started my first blog. Connecting with people online is exciting. We can share our questions, our learnings, our favourite stuff. We can document our thinking as it shifts. I love the blog form because it encourages the reader to become part of the story. It’s like hitchhiking across the country, exchanging stories with strangers, trusting each other with our truths (and our lives), and leaving “I was here” markers along the way.

Since becoming a principal I’ve found it tough to find time to write. My artist’s soul craves lengthy reflections and opportunities for creative expression. Creativity is my peace. Through writing I make new connections with you (the reader/visitor) and new connections within  my learning. A blog is excellent because it’s immediate and short, but most of all it’s a reminder for me to make time for creative explorations.

One thing you should know is that my writing here is always a work in progress, a thought in progress. I don’t have a grand master plan here at all. It’s just about showing up and writing about what comes.

I’m thrilled you’ve joined me on this adventure, even if it’s just for a moment.

I’m a 40-something Ontario educator, writer, theatre geek, tech amateur, and family historian who dreams of one day loving to garden and to cook.

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More About Sunshine in a Jar

How can I be a light for myself and others?

I began my work with the metaphor “sunshine in a jar” over a decade ago. The phrase appeared in a poem I was writing. Now it has moved its way through many poems, stories, and my Master of Arts thesis.

Jars give things a certain form the way stories form our understanding. Jars can symbolize the collected stories and experiences of our inner lives. By capturing memory and thoughts in metaphorical jars, we can hold a moment up to the light for a closer look through the transparent walls.

Moments spiral through each day of our lives, to heal, to teach, to entertain, to ignite change, and to help us understand what it means to be human.

When we take the lid off the jar, we can take things out or put things inside. It’s about freedom. And learning is about freedom too.


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