Georgian Bay Sunset at McNab Rocks

  • DSCN6480
    Dad paddles through the McNab Rocks
  • DSCN6479
    Will we get through the rocks before dark?
  • DSCN6398
    Northern sky.
  • DSCN6415
    Sunlight on rocks.
  • DSCN6423
    Art in nature.
  • DSCN6449
    Gereaux Island Lighthouse
  • DSCN6458 (1)
    Diverse rock shapes and patterns.
  • DSCN6476
    Who else has visited here?
  • DSCN6498
    Red sky.
  • DSCN6433
    So much detail to explore.

4 Responses

  1. estelle says:

    Beautiful Jessica!i feel the same connection..can’t wait for my cruise next weekend.

  2. Donna Wootton says:

    Roy and I have paddled here one summer. Lucky Dad to go every morning . It is as you describe: awe-inspiring.

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