Singing the Blues with Primary Students

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  1. Pat Skene says:

    Wow! So impressive Jessica. I love this SO much. Lucky lucky kids!!

  2. estelle says:

    Jessica this is amazing! I wish you were in Kanata at our kids’ school. They will all remember this! Great creativity, your trademark!

  3. Felicity says:

    A great time for you and the kids, Jessica. I’m sure you weren’t the only one having fun! I look forward to hearing about bio-diversity with music.

  4. Tom Semadeni says:

    Great stuff, Jessica! You even got my foot tapping!
    Lucky you. Luckier kidlets!
    Biodiversity is a great topic. Biodiversity with music is even better! A nice analog how an orchestra sound so COMPLETE with such a diversity of sounds. Powerful word, diversity:

  5. Martha Coward says:

    Your lesson sounds fantastic! Blues- what a brilliant idea 🙂

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