Trent University Revisited: 20 Years Later

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  1. Kerri says:

    What a fantastic blog Jessica! Thanks for writing and sharing!

  2. Tim Larry says:

    Jessica- awesome reflection! Thanks for posting. We dropped off Jakob today at Queen’s and while we got thru it just fine, it is a pause to reflect on yourself and your job as a parent & your own experiences. Nikki and I know that he is prepared as he can be….. as parents, we are very proud of him and know we have done our job!. Doesn’t make it any easier though- we will miss him around the house and seeing him every day, but it means we have done our job when he is able to go off onto his own into the world. I know the few times I have returned to Laurentian, I often reflect on my time there and today, certainly, on my first day on campus- I totally relived it reading your piece. So, thanks again for sharing this very personal blog! Have a good start to your year!

  3. Lucy says:

    Very well written! I can definetly relate.

  4. Beth says:

    Just dropped my baby off in Ottawa yesterday Jessica, thank you for reminding me that she will be fine and she will grow

  5. Felicity says:

    A great blog, Jessica. Brought back memories of my years in Peterborough and of the many times I have seen my children and now my grandchildren take those first steps into independence and begin to create their own lives.

  6. Sue Reynolds says:

    Oh Jess, what a lovely post! As a Trent alum your pictures made me all nostalgic too. Except the ones of you at 19 and at 40 where I see you look just as beautiful at 40 as you did as that fledgling girl. How is that possible?! You haven’t changed! Except, as noted in this post, in all those boxes you’ve filled and emptied since then.

    Wonderful piece!

  7. A Lewis says:


    Would love to connect – we are relatives too! Okimabinesikwe and Ezekiel Solomon are my 6th great grandparents (on my father’s line).

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