We Need to Name Our Learning

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  1. Lucy Romao Vandepol says:

    I look forward to hearing more about this. Great concept!

  2. Lesley Nightingale says:

    wow Jessica you just named my learning.I have been struggling with all the new initiatives and I could not get my head around it! After 30 years of teaching I was beginning to feel that the bend in the road was a brick wall ! But I think I can negotiate the curve again! Thanks,Lesley

    • Thanks, Lesley. Using “LEARNING” as a touchstone in every “initiative” can make it much easier to keep our feet on the ground. What am I learning? What are students learning? How am I creating conditions for learning? How am I assessing learning and determining next steps? It isn’t easy but once we can name “learning” research shows that students will reach their goals. Each new initiative is like a Russian doll building another doll, and another–but at the heart is learning. Our staff has found this very affirming! It’s the learning that matters.

      See…I’ve clearly had the KoolAid. I can’t stop. LOL!

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