• Georgian Bay Roots

    Family History in Britt, Ontario

    Our family history in Britt, Ontario, is rich and goes back to before the town had its name. Britt stretches down one road off Highway 69 along Still River to Lake Magnetewan and out to the mouth of Georgian Bay. 

    Mom worked on a population study when she was in high school (in the late 60s) and reported five hundred people lived there then. Approximately, three hundred people live in Britt now.

  • Solitude & Self-Awareness Spiral

    Five Ways of Looking at Summer

    Today I dream of summer. The sun on my face. The relaxed rhythm of the day. When I was a young teen I remember drifting on the Magnetewan River in a canoe reading for hours. I wrote this poem (inspired by Wallace Stevens) to capture the carefree feeling and the peaceful knowing of having nowhere to be but in a canoe with a great book on a gorgeous summer’s day.


    Floating among granite and pine
    The only thing she sees
    Is her page, shining.


    She is of four directions
    On a canoe
    Under which she imagines four fathoms.


    The girl smiles in the rocking waves.
    Surrender is an important part of the ritual.


    A girl and a book
    Are one.
    A girl and a book and a river
    Are one.


    I do not know which to celebrate first:
    The sparkle of words
    Or the freedom of floating,
    The peace of reading, not paddling
    Or just summer.

    Inspired by “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens.