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Welcome to Sunshine in a Jar

Creativity expands joy, healing, and connection.

I help people find creative abundance by exploring how we can learn from everything around us.

Nurturing a connection to daily encounters with nature can enrich our stories and our lives. I share tools that help focus creative energy, sustain a vision throughout a project, and ground a creation in what’s most important (the things we value).

This is my personal blog with a range of posts from stories about my ancestors to thoughts on life to ideas about creativity and community. I share some works in progress and some finished works.

I hope that by visiting you will find something that’s helpful. I’m so glad you’re here.

Poetry & Creativity

It’s an honour to be the Town of Cobourg’s Poet Laureate. As part of the work to spread a love of poetry and Cobourg, each Saturday I send out an email that features a different poet. Click here to read more.

My mission as Poet Laureate is: “To honour and nurture the expression of life in Cobourg’s past, present and future and to establish the reputation of Cobourg as a culturally dynamic community.”

Connection & Creativity

Above all, in the most silent hour of my night, I ask myself this: Must I teach? I dig deep into myself for a true answer. “I must” so I build my life upon it. It has become my necessity.

In August of 2020, I opened a new small business called Creativity Coaching Canada. It isn’t easy being in the middle of a global pandemic with so much uncertainty. Creativity is a tonic for tough times. Through creative expression we can open and release complex thoughts and feelings, we can regain the sense of connection that’s missing.

Arts and Creativity are a way to peace, joy, and healing. Everyone is naturally creative. Sometimes people forget how to notice where it lives inside them. I can help.

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Aprille and I are having a lot of fun chatting about creativity each week.

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Sharing & Creativity

Begin your visit by exploring my blog. This is where I go when I need to relax, recharge, and reconnect. Over the years it has become like a digital scrapbook cataloging the journey of creative energy over time. It’s a bit messy like a scrapbook too!

Sometimes I write memoirs and sometimes I take pictures. Over the past year, I’ve been exploring intuitive painting. You will even find a couple clips of me singing.

Ancestry & Creativity

I’m a proud citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario with roots in the historic Georgian Bay Community. It’s an honour to have the position in my family as the story keeper. Georgian Bay and my family are a main source of inspiration. I love to write about life by the water, the history that was hidden for so many years, and the ways of our grandparents. I’ve been blessed to meet so many cousins through this blog!

One of my most popular posts is about my great-x5-grandfather Ezekiel Solomon, a fur trader and Jewish-Canadian (and Jewish-American): check out the comments!