• Community & Connection Spiral

    Singing Together

    At our year-end choir meeting, one of the singers said “singing in a circle looking at each other is one of the most powerful experiences.” In January I started singing with Safe Harbour, a local chamber choir, a mentor choir for SONG, a local children’s music program.

  • Creativity & Process Spiral

    Moccasin Flowers: A Work-in-Progress

    It’s on my bucket list to publish a novel. Over the last twenty years I wrote three novels (although I don’t like them so they will never be published). That’s okay: I learned about character development, story arc, conflict, dialogue, and voice. Now I want to put that 10,000 hours+ of practice to use and write something that I love, something will make an impact. Write an important story that reminds us of our humanity, connects to Métis family history, and shares the beauty of Georgian Bay.

  • Curiosity & Adventure Spiral

    The Crossing of Candle Eyes

    A poem inspired by Spring, gardens, and the gift of renewal. I found many of these phrases in my notebook from an old writing exercise and decided to work them into a fairy tale this morning. Creating this garden-world and its characters was fun. I’d love to see this illustrated one day!

  • Honesty & Courage Spiral

    Singing Eva Cassidy

    My friend Jessica first introduced me to Eva Cassidy a couple years ago. We sang “Over the Rainbow” and “Time After Time” together at an event. Our friend Neil played piano. Both song arrangements were tough for me and showed me I had a lot more to learn about singing.