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A Blog Post About Blogging and All the Stuff in Between

I miss you! It feels like it has been so long since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been too busy living life to the fullest at work and at home to blog. But I want it all: time to do all the things I love, including blogging.

Here are five reasons why blogging is great:

  1. A blog is a wonderful tool for reflecting on learning. Through the process of reflecting and writing I learn more.
  2. A blog is a dynamic tool for connecting. I meet so many interesting people through this blog. It’s excellent how many distant relatives I’ve met through the posts on Ezekiel Solomon and keen educators I’ve met through the posts about our learning as an astronaut program.
  3. A blog is a simple tool for creating. It allows me to work my expressive muscles, share ideas, contribute to my communities, and play with words and images. I feel so alive when I create.
  4. A blog is an organized tool for keeping track (like a portfolio). Occasionally I go back and read through my old blog posts. They are helpful reminders of what was important at various times. They remind me of learnings that may have slipped away in the business of the day. They reveal for me how much I’ve learned in the meantime as often my learning is much deeper now than when I wrote the post.
  5. A blog is an efficient tool to practice writing between larger projects. I’ve been blogging since 2007! Nearly ten years! It is a place to learn about what people are interested in through watching post clicks and reading comments. It is place to write simply for the sake of writing when I don’t have time for a larger project. Some of my blog posts have gone on to become other projects later too.

So, if I haven’t been blogging, what have I been up to?

  • Walking. I am trying to walk more steps each day and have more active minutes each day. Yes–the Fitbit is ruling my life.
  • Spending time with students. I’ve been trying to prioritize people at work. All the people: students, staff, parents, anyone who steps into the school. But by being present to supporting people during the day, it means my evenings are spent doing the mounds of paperwork that comes with a principal role. It has been really tough to maintain this.
  • Cooking. There is so much processed, salty, fatty, sugary, bad-for-us food out there. Part of my mountain in 2016 is to improve my strength and agility. Good food is a necessity! So I’ve been cooking. Nothing fancy. Just simple, clean home-cooked meals.
  • Theatre. I’m falling in love with theatre again. I’ve always loved theatre but when I started my Master’s in 2008 I had to pull back to make time for research and writing and courses. Then three years later when the Master’s ended I had a new job in a new town. Lots of change and transitions. But now I’ve arrived. I’m settled into a job I love in a town I love so there is time for pursuing passion. I loved being in the cast of The Secret Garden this winter. I’ve been attending as much theatre as I can. And the biggest news of all is that I will be returning to directing theatre in 2017!! Northumberland Players has added my play Once Upon a Rocking Chair to their upcoming 40th Season and I am thrilled.
  • Tidying up. This winter I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and then watched many online videos with folding techniques. I went through nearly the whole house following the guidelines in the book purging anything that didn’t bring me joy. It was hours and hours of work but the results are AMAZING!! My drawers have maintained their perfect order for two months so far. My rooms have better flow. I don’t feel like I’m choking on “stuff.” It feels like my house is happy and in order.
  • Counting my money. I’ve never really paid much attention to my money. I mean, who has the time, right? But this winter I went ‘old school’ and started writing out all my debits/credits in a notebook with a pencil rather than using a computer program or a spreadsheet. I’m actually doing the math myself! The result: I have more money now! The pencil wins!!
  • Audiobooks. I used to be an audiobook junkie. Then I stopped for a couple years. Well–I’m baaaackkkk! Even my car radiates with learning–haha! I listen to audiobooks in the car as often as I can.
  • Sleeping. The exhaustion from the late nights during the final week of rehearsals for The Secret Garden showed me how important sleep is to my ability to function. My Fitbit has helped me to track my sleep so I know how much I need to be smart and funny. The less sleep I have the more brain freezes and the less I laugh.

It’s all simple stuff. Life is good.

Secret Garden Poem



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