A Poem for the First Day of School

Back to School
On the first day
we put on our new school shoes
travelling back to the future
knowing our desks soar like jets and
pencils swim like dolphins.
The first time we hear the bell
we see our teacher wears a cape,
super smiles and high fives among
line-ups and hooks with our names
beyond this classroom
on the moon.
We sit quietly not on a carpet or in a chair
but on a massive drawbridge
between the forest and the castle
waiting for a glimpse of a dragon or a knight
or to be invited to study with a wizard.
At lunch we eat small bites out of boxes
bouncing to go outside to a jungle
and run with tigers
giggle with hyenas and jump with frogs.
We learn to count the days with robots
(not the boring kind)
our robots code the world
and we will use them to change the world
And: You. Will. Change. The. World.
We ride unicorns in the afternoon
our thinking and creativity and compassion
unrestrained and generous.
We learn outside of walls and boundaries
guided by curious questions and wonder
full of possibility.
Tonight when your parents ask
what did you learn at school today?
You can say:
we saved a life
we created a planet
we sang and danced beside giants
we jumped into the centre of the puzzle
and found algebraic patterns
in the photosynthesis of numbers
converting our spunky energy
into brainy energy that will be released in time
or you will humbly say

© Jessica Outram

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