About Jessica Outram

Welcome to Sunshine in a Jar

My name is Jessica. This is my digital scrapbook, a place for me to play when I need to unwind. I write stories about family. I ask questions about living a creative life. I collect ideas about learning. Engaging with this metaphor “sunshine in a jar” was sparked years ago during an Arts-Informed Inquiry as part of my Master of Arts in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto.
I love to write and find that a blog is a great way to continue writing while balancing work and life. Blogging is such an efficient way for a busy person to create and share. Your feedback is always welcome and everything posted is always a work in progress.
I’ve been lucky to have time to pursue the things I love. I’m a playwright, director, singer, reader, teacher, principal, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and poet. I am a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada. I am a proud citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario. 
For more than twenty years, I’ve worked as an educator in Ontario in both Elementary and Secondary schools. 

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