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Another Turn in the Spiral of Life

There are moments when I see a spiral in everything and other moments when the spiral seems to disappear. If you’ve read my blog before, you may have noticed I often think about learning as a spiral. Life moves, not just in circles or cycles, but in spirals within cycles.

I’m feeling deep and writerly this morning. I see spirals everywhere. This happens when I’m rested. What a blessing a four day weekend can be, especially after particularly busy work weeks. It’s nice to take a moment to reflect and reconnect.

This morning’s sunrise shines on the windows across the street. Birdsong pulls me outside, beyond the glass of my own front window, to feel the cool air settle around me. Frost on the rooftops and the road shimmers as it melts. When the light expands across the sky, the birds sing less and work more, carrying twigs in their beaks or searching for breakfast. Today is Easter Sunday.

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and growth. The lyric ‘Spring can really hang you up the most’ hums in my head to remind me it’s not all romance. Spring is change and change can be both liberating and challenging. I think about cycles and time, the way understanding moves like a spiral.

We are all in transition. We travel from the hope of being able to gather again to the worry about the spread of the virus.

In the last year, I’ve learned so much.

  • To notice
  • To be still
  • To listen
  • To wait
  • To balance

Spring is change and learning is change. They are connected. We learn and unlearn and learn again. We grow and let go and grow again.

About ten chickadees pull my attention back outside as they fly among the branches of my apple blossom tree, zooming in circles and spirals for about five minutes before moving to my neighbour’s tree to do the same.

I’m grateful for this morning and a moment to write for no other reason than it feels good to connect thoughts, feelings, and words. This Easter weekend marks an ending and a beginning, another turn in the spiral of life.

It was my birthday recently. The gift of aging is knowing less, wanting less, and needing less. I’m happy sitting here watching the tree, how a squirrel and a robin can share it without negotiation or compromise.

Life is not about me. It’s about them. The tree. The sun rising every morning. Seasons changing and the world changing. It’s about waking up to witness, to watch, to surrender everything I have and don’t have to feel alive in this moment. It’s about giving and receiving even when it’s quiet and I’m alone.

The spiral always follows love and this morning I’m grateful to see it all so clearly.

Dear A can be a letter to Anyone, All, the Alpha and Omega, Audience, Alter Ego, Angel, Artistry…

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