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    Self-Awareness in Times of Solitude

    In the midst of a global pandemic, we all have an opportunity to nurture our solitude and self-awareness. When the news of school closures and the importance of physical distancing broke two weeks ago, I was shocked.

    Our lives changed quickly. Our worlds turned upside down. Routines dismantled. I wonder at times if I’ve watched so much Netflix that I’m seeing the world through the lens of a dramatic thriller. I wonder if I’ll wake up and this will have been an elaborate dream. I pray for good health every morning and every night–sometimes in the middle of the day too. I pray for peace.

    In the midst of the worry and the discomfort, I know it’s important to find the blessings. I am lucky to have many blessings. A time of great change is a time of great learning.

    This lesson is about how we can develop self-awareness about how we learn on our own or with others. How can we make the most of our solitude (without adding to our stress)?

  • Poet Laureate of Cobourg

    World Poetry Day 2020: A Poem for Peace

    Today is World Poetry Day. Due to the wide reaching impact of COVID-19, I need poetry today. Join me in spending some time today reading and/or writing poetry. Use poetry to find hope and express gratitude.

    During times of uncertainty I find it helpful to turn to nature. As I write this post a cardinal and a robin sit on branches on the tree outside my window watching me. The sun shines again this morning. New buds arrive each day. Birdsong is confident and abundant. While my days have changed drastically, the lives of birds remain the same as they have every Spring.

    The natural elements remind me that everything has its season. Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk. The picture at the top is from my walk. When I came home I wrote this poem.

    I offer this poem to the Town of Cobourg and its residents. I hope you are able to find moments of peace whether you are at home or outside for a walk.

  • Paintings

    I Painted Earth’s Portrait

    A week before I launched this year’s Earth Day project I painted the picture at the top of this post. It started as a blue flower and then it slowly became this. I use an intuitive approach to painting. At the time I wasn’t clear on what the painting was saying to me. Then a couple days after launching the call for submissions for the Earth Day e-Chapbook I realized the connection.

    I need to celebrate Earth and I’d love for you join me. It has been hard in recent times with the strain on our water, air, and land. Some days I can’t read the news. I’m worried our planet will ‘crack’ one day.

  • Creativity Workshop

    What is a Writer’s Solitude?

    It’s a weekend in early March and I thought it would be easier to find solitude here. I’m away at a conference in Muskoka. Snow and ice stretches across Lake Rosseau. After the workshops I have time in the evenings to write. My room is quiet. The fireplace settles me from a full day of learning. I want to write. I sit with my notebook ready to write. Then I fall asleep.

    To write in my best state of flow I need to be well rested. I need time in a quiet space just to be quiet before I am able to fill the space with words. Sometimes it looks like falling asleep. When I wake up, still in that dreamy space, the words will rise from the stillness deep within me. Transitions are important. When I allow time to transition from a busy day I can create space for writing.

    I’ve learned that this transition needs to be a time for nothing. No electronics. No new adventures. I can walk a familiar route. I can sit in my favourite chair. My goal is to decrease the stimulus around me so I can clearly hear the voice within me. Once I enter into the stillness then I am ready to create.

    The goal this week is to pay attention to transitions. How are you moving from your everyday routines to your creative work? What do you need to make this transition go smoothly? How long does it take?

    I continue to explore these questions in the video below.

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