Bold Colours and Surprising Connections in Painting

Finding joy in painting is an unexpected surprise. A blank canvas and tubes of colour spread around me, I wonder what will happen. Mix colours on the smooth palette, then brush to canvas and I watch as the images reveal themselves.

This week I’m working on a painting inspired by Eva Cassidy’s version of ‘Fields of Gold.’ I play the song on repeat and invite the brush to lead me through the music without questioning anything. This is what happened:

Work in Progress: Fields of Gold

I use an intuitive process to create that isn’t much different than my approach to a poem or a song. I let go of expectation and listen to the work.

The Seed

With so much time at home since March, I have been painting a few times a week.

The Unknown

There is a freedom in painting that I don’t always have in writing. Since I don’t consider myself a painter, I can let go of the pressure of technique. Process wins over product.


When I paint it feels like I’ve moved beyond thought. I’m absorbed in the present with no conscious connection to space and time. I’m here with blue on my brush. Where does this blue want to go? Okay, then. We will add blue here…


I am drawn to bold colours. Sometimes similar images appear in different paintings.

Spiritual Growth

My house becomes an evolving gallery. There are paintings on walls, shelves, even covering the televisions.

One week I painted my 20 year old mailbox.

The more I paint in a week, the more peace I feel. It is easier to cope with stress. I feel more like myself. Through painting I find that I connect with lost parts of myself and it feels right. Healing. Uplifting and grounding.

My wish for you is that through this time at home due to COVID-19 that you find ways to reconnect and recharge too.


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