Creativity & Process Spiral

Our fingerprints have distinct patterns that identify us. Shaped like arches, whorls, or loops, each finger may be the same or the patterns may be mixed. A spiral whorl print has a spiral line that starts at a point and moves out from the centre in a circular pattern. A palm reader may suggest that spiral whorls symbolize creativity and talent.

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    Poem Paintings

    Over the break I started playing with acrylic paints to create paintings as though they were poems. I had just finished reading Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art by  Stephen Nachmanovitch and was inspired to improvise more often. I wanted to show up to the canvas and paint a poem without words. I gave myself permission to paint things I didn’t know how to draw. And then using the paintings, I’ve started writing poems.

    Poem Painting Collection #1: In Transition

    In the Fields
    Being Seen
    In Transition
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    Creative Connections

    One of the best parts about having a blog is learning that something that is posted is of some use to people. I love the interactive nature of blogs. The opportunity for people to leave comments on blogs. We can share things that are important to us. We can collect and document experiences. We can learn from each other. We can inspire each other.

    Over the past couple years I’ve heard that some of my photos have become a source for other people’s projects and I’ve found some of my posts linked or embedded in other people’s work. I’ve met some really interesting people from around the world too. These creative connections are important.

    My cousin Lise sent me a note this week. She’s bringing joy to herself and others by painting on jean jackets. What a fabulous idea! Here is one she recently created for her mother using a picture from my site:

    And then last Spring, Paul Mondoux, another talented artist reached out to me asking if he could use one of my photographs for a painting. At the time of this post, it was listed as available on his website. Here is his beautiful life-like creation:

    And before that a wonderful local artist, Jennifer Trefiak, used a photo of Lake Ontario I took in the Spring for one of her paintings. Riding my bike to the lake always inspired a photo and a share on Facebook. I was so thrilled that Jennifer wanted to use this one to create this dynamic piece:

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    Moccasin Flowers: A Work-in-Progress

    It’s on my bucket list to publish a novel. Over the last twenty years I wrote three novels (although I don’t like them so they will never be published). That’s okay: I learned about character development, story arc, conflict, dialogue, and voice. Now I want to put that 10,000 hours+ of practice to use and write something that I love, something will make an impact. Write an important story that reminds us of our humanity, connects to Métis family history, and shares the beauty of Georgian Bay.

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    Five Things I Believe About Creativity and the Writing Process

    1. Our creativity and writing processes are unique, just like our fingerprints.
    2. Children are naturally creative. We can connect to our inner child to remember. Play.
    3. Metaphors can be gateways to creative exploration and expression.
    4. When we consider the act of writing practice and the development of the craft of writing as separate processes, we can nurture them both. We set learning goals.
    5. We encourage our writing to develop by engaging in writing practice, reflecting on our work, referring to elements of style and craft, consulting with writing mentors, and by using our learning to write something new.