Honesty & Courage Spiral

When the shell of a chambered nautilus is cut away, a nearly perfect spiral is revealed. Found in the tropics, this animal prefers to live in deep waters, beyond the slope of the coral reef. As it grows, it expands its living space, adding chambers. Nautili have been around for hundreds of millions of years, well before the age of dinosaurs. For this reason, they are also known as living fossils.

  • Honesty & Courage Spiral

    Singing Eva Cassidy

    My friend Jessica first introduced me to Eva Cassidy a couple years ago. We sang “Over the Rainbow” and “Time After Time” together at an event. Our friend Neil played piano. Both song arrangements were tough for me and showed me I had a lot more to learn about singing.

  • Honesty & Courage Spiral

    Granite Expires in Parry Sound 33 Fire

    My parents live close to where the Parry Sound 33 Fire started this summer.

        moss clings to my
        spaces toured by ants and even

    Motionless days pass
        solid and sound in all seasons,
        even this one, until my senses blistered.

    Organized signals for help
        unseen as my sedentary
        service in subterranean
        bass tones even
        eluded that fir and birch and spruce and pine
        who once stood beside me night and day.

    Knowing boots rested on my back, even as I slept
        as choked branches lay across my face, as I ate
        but rain
        soaked dreams drank my lineage
        hardening the horizon–

    Even until smouldering spells
       struck nine and I waited to exhale.

    © Jessica Outram

  • Honesty & Courage Spiral

    A Poem About Teacher Resiliency

    There is freedom in a metaphor. I love its openness to possibility.

    When creativity flows well writing is as easy as taking the lid off the jar, grasping streams of inspiration as they swirl above, and then sprinkling words onto the page. Sometimes it can feel like confidently singing a song you’ve known for a long time. Often when I write poetry the story appears all at once and catches me by surprise.