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The structure of DNA is a double helix, double stranded like a twisted ladder. DNA carries information about who we are, where we are from, and what our health may look like in the future.

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    Autumn Leaves: Poetry, Photography, and Song

    I loved the song ‘Autumn Leaves’ from the first time I heard it. I love the energy of the song and the way I feel singing it. I have spent hours with this song, singing this song just for the sheer pleasure like I did as a teenager.

    At Thanksgiving this year it rained most of the weekend, but there were occasional short breaks. Dad and I went out on Sunday afternoon to take pictures along the Britt road (otherwise known as Riverside Drive). On Monday, driving home I continued to pull over and take pictures. Since the sky was so grey it made the colours pop.

  • Love & Energy Spiral


    sun lights red maple
    glowing warmth
    and memory
    summer afternoons gone
    crisp breath talks
    to fallen leaves
    collected as treasures
    upon our table
    thank-you trees
    and sun and time
    children like sunflowers
    energy spirals
    and mindfulness
    winter mornings near
    bright appetites linger
    family’s feasting
    savoured as love
    captured in our portrait
    thank-you home
    and food and this.

    © Jessica Outram

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    Follow the Creative Energy

    It’s my second year teaching high school. I work in a big school with about two thousand students. In Grade 11 Advanced English we study Macbeth.

    “Miss, do we really have to write another essay?” a lanky boy in the front row asks.