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    Dean’s Graduate Research Conference at OISE

    On Saturday, March 27 I will present my research at OISE. I’m looking forward to it.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

    This is a work in progress exploring the role of metaphor in my life as an educator and in the lives of other educators. The goal of my Arts-informed research is to use the metaphor “sunshine in a jar” to explore the presence and preservation of joy and creativity in the life of an educator. It’s about re-inspiring a sense of passion and moral purpose in educators who need to reinvigorate their inner lives. This presentation utilizes an art display and the performance of a one-act play to take the lid off metaphor as a way to engage participants in discussion about how educators can learn to “burn in” rather than “burn out.” This presentation invites participants to contemplate joy and its presence in their work. To conclude, participants are asked to engage in reflexive inquiry and answer the question: what’s in your jar?

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