Celebrating 40 with a Solo Hike in Presqu’ile Provincial Park

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  1. Mona Blaker says:

    Very well said, Jessica! Enjoy your 40th, and year of adventures and discoveries! Be blessed by nature and the peace you find there. Keep sharing your stories!
    Here’s a quote I love:
    “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it is connected to the rest of the world.”

  2. Marli Beer says:

    Beautifully written Jessica….you are enough and everything is falling into place for you. A brave & beautiful spirit.

  3. Pat Pomery says:

    Happy 40th Jessica… loved reading your blog…you are sunshine to everyone who knows you..xoxo…yes I’m singing it..but only for you..lol…have a super year…ENSS misses you!!

  4. Cathy Dorland-Herrington says:

    Awesome blog….you go girl!!! and yes, wonderful things do happen during your 40”s….celebrate and embrace them!!!!🎉😊

  5. Veronica Derry says:

    Well said Jessica…..but even better…..well LIVED…..keep on living fully and writing about it. There are growing numbers of us reading and enjoying your posts.
    Being single has numerous advantages!

  6. Leah Murray says:

    Dear Jessica, I am so delighted to be able to welcome you into the realm of free adult womanhood.

    I too had to work my way free of the expectations and constraints we as women and as western society place upon our distaff citizens, and I’ve discovered so much joy and energy as a result!

    It never occurred to me that you might have struggled with this issue, as every time I had contact with you, you seemed so happy in your destiny and happy in your own skin and your own life: I envied you your wisdom in your youth, seeing how long it took me to achieve the same apparent peace with myself. Know that I have and hold a generous dose of sheer admiration for all that you are accomplishing with your life, and all that you are offering the world.


    Leah M.

    • Thanks so much, Leah! It has been important to me to always work hard no matter the subtext of my life. It’s so freeing to have a much lighter, happier, more peaceful inner landscape now! Thanks for your generous comments.

  7. Lisa Fallis says:

    So well written Jessica!! you have great talent, and a wonderful outlook on your future. I have several friends who are “independent” and have happy, friend and fun filled lives. good for you to embrace change and not let the lack of the fairy tale ending bring you down. now you can write your own fairy tale!

  8. Pat Skene says:

    Such a great post Jessica. Without a doubt, the media, especially television and movies (mostly men) have defined what a woman needs to be…to be happy. It takes some women a lifetime to reach the self-realization you have achieved. There is something about being in nature that can energize the soul, and in so doing, reaffirm our sense of connectivity with all things. And as far as that “cute-as-a-button” baby you mentioned…you make an inspirational and educational impact on children every day in your life as a teacher. Those are your children and what a family you have! So rock (and hike) on! 40 is just the beginning.

  9. aunt estelle says:

    Jessica this post is so inspirational. You have already influenced so many people in your life, had a positive impact on so many young lives, and are talented in so many ways. Keep up the excellent work, and enjoy your freedom to pursue so many interests. And please keep on blogging!

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