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Cobourg Waterfront Festival July 2015

Another amazing four days at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival in the Rotary Arts & Crafts tents! My aunt Pat Skene and I joined forces selling our books to readers of all ages. Our booth had a stunning view of the Cobourg Harbour and the midway on the Pier. We met many talented artists and artisans. We saw many generous friends and family who bought our new books or stopped by for a visit.

From rhyming picture books to folktales to anthologies and a book about writing, we put a broad range of work out there. Also, inspired by our namesake, we sold three different “Book in a Jar” titles.

  1. Questions in a Jar: 50 Questions for Families and Friends. Fun for Camp Fires, Road Trips, Picnics, and More!
  2. Sunshine in a Jar: 50 Quotations that Uplift and Inspire
  3. Creativity in a Jar: 30 Activities to Boost Creative Energy in Your Life

We’ve signed up for next year! So mark your calendar! (And we hope to have some new work to share with you!)



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