Poet Laureate of Cobourg

Inspired by Cobourg: Will You Join Us?

I want to write more about Cobourg. Explore its locations and history. I’d love to do this with you! In the new year I plan to launch a new project as Poet Laureate. I’m still working out the details but the broad strokes of the plan is to offer some free writing workshops in various locations around town. Let’s be inspired together!

When I taught creative writing to high school students I loved to lead them through a sensory experience with a clementine. Each student had their own juicy orange orb. Through a slow mindful exploration of the fruit we engaged our senses. Then we wrote. Every time we did this exercise all the writing pieces were unique–none were even remotely similar. I loved how a shared experience could highlight our individuality.

I wonder what would happen if we explored our town in this way. What if we engaged in a mindful exploration of Cobourg’s Ecology Garden that engaged our senses and then wrote about it. What would our individual poems look like? Where would this experience lead us?

I wonder how we would think about some of the town’s history at the Sifton-Cook Museum. What if we joined together to make a giant list of questions inspired by a visit there together? Then we selected each other’s questions to explore in poetry. What metaphors would surface?

I wonder where we would end up if we moved through the rooms in Victoria Hall or walked together along the West Beach. What would happen if we imagined we were someone else and explored the downtown businesses, seeing the downtown through the eyes of our character. What would our character want to buy? And for who? How would this inform story in our poetry?

I think we could have a lot of fun and create some interesting pieces. Then we could think about how to share them with others so they can see the town through our eyes and see the distinctiveness in being inspired by place.

Connections are a powerful source for creativity.

In early 2020 I will send out the plan and invite you to join me. I hope you will and we can celebrate our town in verse!

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