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Creative Life and Work Inspired by Air

Lately I’ve been inspired by air. Breath. Space. Sky. Flight. It started with John O’Donohue’s poetry last Spring. I started reading one of his poems every morning as a way to focus my attention for the day. While walking by the lake, I reflected on a line or a theme from his poetry, trying to connect to the world in the way I connected to his words.

Over the break I ordered Disney+ so I could watch ‘The Mandalorian’ and the movie ‘Soul.’ Then I started watching other things. The Maleficent movies. Hamilton again. Mulan. The element of air was prominent in each of them through storylines connected to flight, breath, inspiration, and the use of sky and space. Even the musical Hamilton has a song: Blow Us All Away.

Air is an essential metaphor and element.

At lunch one day I watched an episode of the National Geographic series ‘One Strange Rock.’ I learned about the river in the sky over the Amazon that helps us all breathe. It continues to amaze me that the more I learn, the less I know, the more questions I have, and the more humbled I feel by the world and the universe.

We are connected to each other all over the world in our need for breath to live. Today we share the experience now of an airborne virus. Since the beginning of time we rely on the same scientific processes to balance our climate so the thin blue line of the atmosphere is protected. Well into the future we will need breath to stay alive.

When I am outside the sky captivates me. The graceful flight of birds, the moving formations of clouds, the light and colour and how they reflect on the water.

This morning during meditation I was inspired by air again when I focused on my breath, inhale and exhale. Air soothes, calms, grounds, and brings our minds into balance. When I am happy I feel like I’m flying, weightless, feet floating above my footsteps. The air can feel cool or warm. Sometimes it smells like pine or worms or roses.

In my Creativity Coaching classes we look to nature to inspire us. Inspiration is essential to creativity. One of my favourite workshops (although let’s be honest, I love them all!) is the Creativity Labyrinth. The introduction launches a one-year pilgrimage that invites you to take one step a week to get closer to your own creative centre. Each week we use a different element (air, water, fire, earth) to show us what to do. I’ve been following this alongside the group for ten weeks now. There is so much we can learn by paying attention to the elements.

Next week I’m leading a short class that looks at the element of Air. Each season we will look at the lessons within a different essential element. Maybe you can join us to be inspired by air together. Or maybe you will begin an inquiry of your own into the element of air.

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