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Creative Together

I believe we can be more creative together than on our own. Creativity inspires creativity.

I’ve learned that running an online creative writing course is not for me. The course has been live for six months and I have no students. Often we blog about all our successes but I think it’s important to share disappointments too. I get these grand ideas to contribute my work to the world, follow my bliss to bring ideas to life, then launch them into the world–but the world is often busy.

The truth is there are many people out there who are established in online learning, who have an audience, who put time into marketing, and who are committing full-time hours to make online learning work for their students. My full-time job and growing list of hobbies makes this challenging for me to keep up. I want it all–there has to be a way!

Why did I create a course in the first place?

For fun. Truly. This is how I roll. I love trying new things and the joy for me is in the creating, not the outcome. A positive outcome would be wonderful, however, that’s not what gets me going on a new project. I taught creative writing for about fifteen years to teens and adults. I miss the energy of teaching. My dream was to use this course as a way to connect to others so we could learn through the spirals together. I believe in this thinking and it has changed my creative work. I’m excited to share this thinking with other people too.

It occurred to me that I could meet some of my goals by rolling out the course content on my blog. My blog has been quiet lately. This could be a way to give the blog renewed life and purpose.

Will you be ‘creative together’?

Can you commit to stopping by once a week to engage in ideas about learning and writing?

How much does it cost?

It’s important that energy is exchanged. Often this is done by paying money. Money is wonderful and I will not turn it away. But we can also exchange energy by sharing what we’ve learned with someone else, actively engaging in the content by adding a comment, or sharing some of your work inspired by the ideas here (even in an email or social media post).

I don’t want this to become a place where I toss everything out into the online river and watch it float away quietly.

Maybe we think about it like a potluck and I am the host. Each week I will bring an entree to the site. I hope you will bring something too!

So what is this ‘creative together’ all about?

This is as much about self-discovery as it is about writing. Let’s play with metaphor. Let’s be creative together. This series of posts is inspired by Eight Spirals for Writing and Life.

The painting at the top of this post is one of my new paintings called “Over the Rainbow.” This is how I want us to feel on this exploration. Can the rest be a mystery? Will you enter the unknown and see where it leads us?

So, are you in? My fingers and toes are crossed.

Creating a Learning Plan

  1. What would you like to walk away with at the end of this workshop?
  2. What is important to you about this?
  3. How have you explored creative processes in the past? What worked well?
  4. As you go through this workshop, how can you think differently about the ways you approach your writing?
  5. What are your choices for using what you learn?
  6. What might you commit to doing to more intentionally utilize the creative process in your writing? What is your first step?


  • Dana

    I love that you’re painting. Painting with acrylics brings me so much joy, I think because the texture reminds me so much of icing — my favourite food. I would love to try to commit to creativity with you, mine often disappears into the oblivion of good intentions but maybe a weekly reminder is exactly what I need to keep going.

  • Pamela P.

    Yes, please, I’m in. I’m extremely nervous about sharing because I’m a relative novice at creative writing, but I’d love to grow and improve. So, YES! If you’ll have me, yes, yes YES!!!

    • Rachel

      Hello there;
      My name is Rachel. A friend forwarded your blog link to me to have a look. I’m a blogger wannabe and a writing creative who can’t seem to get past the blank page. I know this will sound somewhat strange – and still, I’m going to jump in. What is creative writing? I mean, surely all writing is creative? Why the creative label? A bit of a stickler for context right here. Can you say more or point me to where you outlined your course? Maybe that will help with context! Congrats on your painting! It’s lovely. I’m an acrylic pourer, and Watercolorist. I’m retired and love to learn new things. Yes I’m in.

      • Jessica Outram

        Hi Rachel. I’m so glad you will be joining us! I chose to include the word “creative” because this work is as much about creativity as it is about the writing (or whatever artistic form people choose). Since the focus here is on boosting creativity in terms of process and product I wanted to be sure it was at the forefront. I agree that all writing can be creative. I’ve pulled down the outline of my course for now since the content will be rolling out on my blog. Consider it a journey into the unknown! I hope this blog series will help you fill the page.

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