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I feel blessed to live in a creative community that values, generates, and celebrates the arts. Saturday night I attended a fundraising dinner for SONG, a local music program for children. Even the asian fusion dinner carefully prepared by Craft Food House was a work of art! Northern Hearts performed (more local talent). Upstairs in the Loft other arts enthusiasts attended an event inspired by Joni Mitchell.

Northumberland is alive with arts and literature. Last week I attended a meeting of the Cobourg Poetry Workshop, a group of poets who get together once a month to share their poetry. We begin with sharing any poem. Some shared new poems and some shared meaningful poems they had written years ago. Each month there is “poemwork,” a play on homework. Last month the poemwork was to write a tanka. Each poet who shares their work reads it aloud twice. Poets often distribute a copy of their poems too, so you go home with a bundle of poetic treasures.

Here is the new poem I shared:

July 23, 2019. Attended Cobourg Poetry Workshop meeting. Shared new poem “Windblown Group of Seven.”

Creativity in community is important to me. From attending events to putting time aside to co-create in workshops, the energy that comes from sharing the experience of the arts is priceless. While we connect to each other we also better get to know ourselves. In a time in history where people generally feel less connected to each other, one needs only to join in the arts culture to gain a sense of belonging and interconnectedness. At the core, the arts are about better understanding what it means to be human–and it is this pursuit of meaning and truth that binds us.

Do you live in a creative community? How do you connect to and/or express creativity? How does it feed your soul?

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