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Creativity Studio: Marie Kondo Style

Making a space where everything is at my fingertips and filled with things that inspire me has been one of the best ways to spark my creativity. Like many others around the world, I was inspired by the organizational concepts of Marie Kondo

I shifted from having my creative supplies spread across three different rooms in my house to re-purposing my home office and prioritizing it as a creative space.

I wanted a room for singing, writing, blogging, reading, painting, making cards, arranging photos, and for generally creating anything. An uncluttered space. A comfortable space. An equipped space.

Where do you create?

Last month I picked up the magazine Where Women Create. It is fabulous! Looking at the workspaces of creative women inspired me so I decided to share this space with you.

In schools we talk about how important it is to use the environment as a third teacher. How can I use a room in my home as a teacher to inspire me, to remind me about how important it is to do the creative work, and to nudge me when I’m making excuses that I don’t have time? How can I create a space that invites me to make connections, to see things differently, and to dream?

What inspires you?

Each day begins in my creativity studio. I wake up, make a coffee, and then settle into my cozy chair to set intentions for the day ahead, to write, and to journal. On the weekends I make time to just show up in the space, letting the room do the rest of the work to motivate me. Any of my creative projects are at my fingertips so it makes it easier to create more often.

Notes in my journal as I was planning my Creativity Studio.
Featuring some “go-to” books for when I need a creativity “pick-me-up.”
A cozy spot to read and write and dream.
Lots of storage for creativity supplies.
A large table that works well for writing and for painting.
Everything I need for creative mornings is within reach of my cozy chair.
Something to inspire me and remind me what’s important every time I create.
My music is open and ready for short, frequent rehearsals.


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