Creativity Workshop

Creativity Workshop Overview

Welcome to my Creativity Workshop!  

Join a self-reflective journey through eight learning spirals in this creativity workshop. The course is as much about self-discovery as it is about writing.

How does metaphor work in your life? What is your relationship with your writing process? How do you develop mastery as a writer? How do you write your truth? Actively explore metaphor through writing and reflection to boost your creativity and re-invigorate your writing process.

Inspired by my 8 learning spirals. Click the image for more info!

Boost creativity in your life and art!

  • 16+ weeks of instruction
  • 100+ hours of learning and writing
  • 141 prompts and experiences–lots of choice!
  • 18 instructional videos
  • 15 PDF downloads of resources you can keep

How much does it cost?

This is an invitation to donate anything from $1 to whatever you feel is right to help support this work.

You can also exchange energy with me by sharing what you’ve learned on this site with someone else, by actively engaging in the content, by adding a comment, or by sharing some of your work inspired by the ideas here with someone.

Creativity Workshop Lessons

Spiral #1

Spiral #2

Spiral #3

Spiral #4

Links to all lessons will be added to this page so you can bookmark it to return to it and easily move to the next lesson each week.

Work at your own pace. This workshop is about your personal relationship with your creativity. If you can commit to spending even an hour a week exploring the theme and reflecting on the theme in your work (and in your own way), then you will find your creativity expands.

I’d love to hear from you about your learning journey!



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