Georgian Bay

Did My Grandfather William Lamondin Meet Tom Thomson?

Where is Gereaux Island Lighthouse?

Gereaux Island Lighthouse was built in the late 1800s. It is on the northern tip of Gereaux Island marking the entrance to Byng Inlet from Georgian Bay, Ontario. My aunt shared the picture of the original lighthouse.

Two of the people from my family tree I hope to focus on are Joseph Normandin (Jr.) and Louis Normandin. Around the time that Joseph Normandin (Jr.) moved to the Byng Inlet area the family name was changed to Lamondin (more on this in a later post).

The Lighthouse Keepers

Did the Lamondins choose to be lighthouse keepers?

Gereaux Island Lighthouse fascinated me as a child. It still fascinates me today. My family lived and worked on this island for over sixty years. Generations of Lamondins grew up playing on the rocks, swimming in the bay, boating into town. I can not imagine the isolation, the extreme weather conditions, the boaters in distress, fish for dinner every night. In winter, the family moved into the town of Britt. Thank goodness!

More than sixty years of life by the water, on the margins, outside of town, devoid of neighbours and comforts. How did they pass their days on a mound of rolling granite surrounded by deep, cool Georgian Bay waters?

To be a lighthouse keeper one needed to be strong. The large containers of oil for the lamp needed to be carried up a narrow staircase to the top look-out. A lighthouse keeper needed to be adaptable to conditions, emergencies, boredom. A lighthouse keeper needed to be independent and self-reliant.

I have heard stories about Louis Lamondin’s wife, my great-grandmother. She was a teenager when she married. Did she know that she would spend 30 years living on an island with four children in a small lighthouse?

The Tom Thomson Connection

In July 2010 Ross King emailed me asking questions about the lighthouse. His research focused on Tom Thomson. He was writing an article for The Walrus about the summer of 1914. In 1914, my grandfather would have been four years old. His father Louis Lamondin was the lighthouse keeper. Tom Thomson paddled to Gereaux Island, Byng Inlet in 1914. He painted Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay. This painting hangs in the McMichael Gallery. On the back of the painting, in Thomson’s writing, it says “Gereaux Island.” Our family was not familiar with the painting so we were grateful that King helped us to make the connection.

We asked my great-Aunt Bernice if she remembered painters visiting the lighthouse. Although she was not born until 1921 she said that painters stopped by the island all the time. It is probable that Thomson stayed with my great-grandfather. The island that cradled my family history for over sixty years inspired one of Canada’s most influential artists.

How did the landscape inspire my ancestors?


  • Alice Bennett

    Hello, I have just started doing some Research on the Normandin/Lamondin family for a friend of mine I am wondering where I can find more of your amazing history of this family. We would be grateful if you were willing to share your information. I will also check with Jay and ask that he allow me to share my findings with you. Thanks very much

    • Jessica Outram

      Hi Alice–I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. I’m trying to post the most interesting finds on my blog…I would love any info you can share. There should be more added on this site this summer…

  • Alice Bennett

    Thanks for responding. Could you please contact me via my home email and we can connect there. I am researching the Normandin/Lamondin family and you may be of great assistance and save me a ton of time trying to piece this together. And hey …. you may find some new relatives!! LOL
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again

  • Marian Hientzsch Wilkins

    I just received some photo albums from my sister who inherited my dad’s cottage in Nobel north of Parry Sound. The cottage was neighbour to Arthur Neiderhumer who was the lighthouse keeper in the 80’s. My dad and family was invited there. I just found picturesults of uncle Arthur, my dad, and my sisters and I on his jet ski having fun. It was a greatime time. I just Google Drive “Gereaux” island

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