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Do You Sing in the Car?

It feels so good to sing in the car. On the drive into Toronto yesterday I listened to an audiobook. Then I started to hum Ella Fitzgerald. Soon I drowned out the audiobook. By the time I passed Bowmanville I had given up on the audiobook to blast jazz standards, singing along like when I was 12. I was all in.

As the city sprouted up around me, Nina Simone and I slid our way through “Feeling Good.”

What do you sing in the car? Are you able to really let go and sing your heart out?

Research suggests that singing in the car produces euphoria, helps strengthen our immune systems, and decreases stress.

Eva Cassidy is still my top pick for song driving. I like to listen carefully to the nuances in her voice to learn from her style. Then I replay the song many times to experiment.

It feels even better to sing with friends and family. Years ago when my cousin and I drove north to the cottage together, we belted Patsy Cline, working through her whole repertoire. Our voices wailing and anti-harmonizing along the 400 highway. The goal: to out-sing each other badly.

My nephew is also an incredible car singer. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Canadian Shield crumbled on our drives north from the vibrations. One of our favourite car songs was ‘O Canada.’ The first time we realized how much fun it was to sing this through the rocky landscape near Parry Sound we saw a Canadian flag appear just as we hit the final “thee.” We erupted into crying laughter, never feeling prouder of our nation.

Whether you’re alone or with others, singing in the car is a fun way to go.


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