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Earth Day: Call for Submissions

To celebrate Earth Day and National Poetry Month in 2020, let’s create an e-Chapbook. This will be a free PDF collection that will be distributed via email, social media, and posted on this blog.

The focus of the collection is on celebrating Earth. The current working title is “Light in My Eyes: An Earth Day Collection.”

What if everyone valued our natural landscapes and resources? What if we could reverse climate change? What if we lived sustainably? What if our planet had enough for everyone and we only used what we truly needed?

What do you love about Earth? When you listen to trees, what do you hear? What is beautiful? How does nature make your life better? What if water was protected? What do we know about clean air? What do we need from Earth to survive? To thrive?

How do you celebrate Earth?

Let’s capture what we love about Earth and what our greatest wishes are for its future.

Submission Guidelines

for this Earth Day and

National Poetry Month Project

Contributors will maintain copyright for their work and submissions will only be used for this e-Chapbook project. All contributors will be emailed a copy of the e-Chapbook to share with whoever they choose. This collection will be published by Jessica Outram and Sunshine in a Jar Press.

This collection is open to anyone of all ages who wants to contribute.

What to submit?

  • Poetry
  • Photography or Artwork
  • Your name (we will not be including bios)

What types of files are accepted?

  • Word document (.doc) files
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf) files
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf) files
  • For more visual poetry and/or for Photography/Artwork: JPEG, PNG, or PDF

How will poems be selected?

  • Is the poem ready to publish? (no editing required)
  • Does the poem fit the mission and vision of the Poet Laureate?
  • Only one submission per writer/artist.

Submissions are due March 31, 2020. Email: poetlaureate@cobourg.ca

The e-Chapbook will be launched online at noon on Earth Day, April 25, 2020 via the Poetry Present subscriber list (so be sure to sign-up!). It will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter.



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