Ezekiel Solomon: Introducing My Jewish-Canadian Grandfather

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  1. Paul King says:

    Cindy Ballard. Work has been carried out on some branches of the LaFramboise family and may be accessed on-line at: https://www.scribd.com/document/52327786/Laframboise-Women

  2. Joseph Landau says:

    Up for auction in Sotheby’s NY

    A Six-Volume Set of the Sephardic Liturgy with English Translation, London 1771-1776

    First ever translation of the text in English.

    4 (out of 6) volumes belonged to Ezekiel Solomons. Volume 5 signed Ezekiel Solomons, Michilimackinac, April 16, 1786


  3. Cynthia Solomon says:

    I heard abour Ezekiel. I am the great great ganddaughter of Louis and John Solomon. I do have some of this information from my fathet who died in March 2006. My grandfather John wad from Sagamok First Nations..my father Eugene a child of residential schooling.
    I would like to read and learn all I can about my family’s history.

  4. Cynthia Solomon says:

    Excuse the typos..my phone is a pain. 😕

  5. Stephen-Marcus woods says:

    According to my family tree info he died in 1809

    • Lyle Wilson says:

      Greetings friends and extended family. I am Mr. Solomon’s 5th great grandson. My mother is from Killarney, I was born in Michigan and we are still in touch with cousins. I’d welcome new cousin contact and appreciate the discussions here. This process of discovery is so very, very humbling.

      Lyle Wilson

      • Hi Lyle,

        Welcome! So nice to meet you. As you can see we have a number of cousins who have found there way here. I agree with you–the process has been very humbling for me too. His story is incredible.


  6. Lyle Wilson says:


    Thanks for your kind reply. I look forward to learning more, collaborating and making new friends.


  1. January 21, 2018

    […] Elizabeth Louise Dubois was my great-x5-grandmother. She married Ezekiel Solomon. Click here for a timeline of Solomon’s […]

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