Family History Stories

Family Tree Time!

Phew. Finally some time to return to my writing. To research. To playing around with ideas and other cool stuff. I’ve been off for about a week. I’m starting to feel relaxed. I read a book today. Travelled to Kingston yesterday. I’ve napped. Checked in with old friends. Walked about my neighbourhood. Tried killing my weeds with vinegar. Rearranged my closets. Moved everything in my office. Porch sat, sit, sat…sat on the porch. Watched movies, TV. Listened to music with my eyes closed while keeping time in my rocking chair.

A glorious summer vacation.

So keep watch over the next few weeks. I hope to share some family history stories I’ve found over the last year. But first I need to engage in some inspiration. Best place to start is the HBO series Family Tree.





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