Creativity Workshop

Free Creativity Workshop

Are you looking for more creativity in your life and projects? Do you want regular reminders and prompts to invite you to nurture your creativity? Do you want to grow your ideas, light your dreams, and harvest your vision?

I want to help you. Join my FREE Creativity Workshop.

For the last 20 years I’ve actively explored how to find balance with my life, work, and creativity. I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Making an impact on your life is important to me. Helping you to reach your creative potential will help me to realize my potential.

Discovering the 8 Writing Spirals focused and inspired my learning journey. I feel strongly that they could help other people so over the last few years I’ve searched for ways to connect with creative seekers. First, the book The Writing Spiral. Then I used an online teaching platform to develop the first draft of the workshop. Soon I transferred some of this material to blog posts, hoping this might be the right form.

Now, I’ve made it even easier and developed an email series. Start anytime. The workshop will be delivered directly to your inbox! And, it’s FREE!

Plus, you can join a monthly online live chat! Explore each spiral in conversation and on the page to unlock your process and open new ways of noticing in your creative practice. Generate ideas, develop routines, and create!


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