A Book About the Spirit of Cottage Life

From the Cottage Porch: An Anthology

Edited by Jessica Outram and Ewa Krynski.

Picnicking on the rocks of Georgian Bay, relocating an outhouse in Muskoka, or catching tadpoles at Algonquin Park: From the Cottage Porch captures the spirit of cottage country in Ontario. Imagine the day unfolding from your favourite Adirondack chair on the porch. The anthology begins with the sounds of sunrise and moves through the dynamic and surprising events of morning, afternoon, evening and night at the cottage.


Edited by Jessica Outram and Ewa Krynski

Released: May 7, 2011

210 pages



Sunshine in a Jar Press

ISBN 978-0-9809444-1-9


The Writers

The anthology writers include: Bonnie Beldan-Thomson, Ken Bond, John Butcher, Tina Collett, Elaine Cruise Smith, Anne Louise Currie, James Dewar, Phyllis Diller Stewart, Paul Dobbs, Graham Ducker, Sacha Farrell, John Forrest, Alex Hamilton-Brown, Tiina Heathcock, Helene Iardas, Glenn Kletke, S.A. McCormick, Mary E. McIntyre, Patricia Miller, Jessica Outram, Vicki Pinkerton, Susan Lynn Reynolds, RhuBarb, Pat Skene, Bob Smith, D.A. Stark, Sheila Stewart, Heather Tucker, Lynn Vieira, Barbara Winter, Collette Yvonne.

The watercolour painting on the cover is by Livia Tsang.

Did You Know?

  • From the Cottage Porch may still be available in independent stores in Uxbridge, Haliburton, Britt, Ottawa, Whitby
  • The books at Chapters Oshawa and Ajax are sold out. French River and Parry Sound are also sold out.
  • Now in its second printing

From the Cottage Porch was noted in the October 2011 issue of Cottage Life Magazine as a good read for fall. There is also a picture of the book’s cover.