Georgian Bay

Gereaux Island Lighthouse Then and Now

I’ve had some requests to post pictures of Gereaux Island Lighthouse. This is a photograph from our family archives of the original Gereaux Lighthouse, Georgian Bay, Ontario in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

Here is a picture of the updated lighthouse in July 2013…



  • Hugh Graham

    Jessica – My family has had connection to Gereaux lighthouse since 1972 when I bought its lighthouse tender from the Coast Guard in Parry Sound. She is a much loved family boat often going on picnics with hoards of kids on the bow and cabin top. She is presently on the shore of Larry Island on the west side of Parry Is. on the main boat channel up the shore. Now I am hoping the Huronia Museum in Midland will take on its restoration. Since there are only interested in historic boats of Georgian Bay, I was wondering if you had any family recollections or pictures of the boat that would heighten their interest. I can send you pictures of her life with our family.
    Your song about your time at Bying Inlet was wonderful.
    All the best

    • Jessica Outram

      Hi Hugh,
      So nice to get your note. I will share it with my family to see if they have any pictures and email you their response soon. Thank you so much for sending a note. I’d love to see pictures!!

  • Hugh Graham

    Hi Jessica – Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll need your email to send the pictures unless there’s another way? I also found a few sites on line with pictures and information on the Gereaux lighthouse. Do you remember anything about the boat?
    All the best Hugh

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