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Google Keep as a Digital Scrapbook

I’m a big fan of Google tools. I started using Google Keep a couple years ago to keep track of my complicated “to do” lists. It’s a simple tool that I can access on my phone, tablet, or laptop. The app is great too. Now it is even on my Apple watch.

Lately, I’ve been using it as a digital scrapbook for my creative ideas. I pull information and quotes from journals that I want to use in my projects one day and post them in Keep. It allows me to capture ideas when I’m out, save websites and images that support my projects, map out timelines, or make project lists.

I still use my notebook often for brainstorming and free-writing but when there is something I know I might want to use then I type it into Keep. Sometimes I dictate it into Keep so I don’t have to type–this feature is fabulous! It easily integrates into Gmail and Google Docs too. The search feature is much speedier than flipping through piles of notebooks.

Now when I’m waiting for appointments or browsing on my phone, I spend less time on Facebook and more time tuned into my projects.

Do you want to try it out? Here are some videos to guide you:

A great video for beginners.
More advanced uses of Google Keep.

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