Creativity Workshop

How Do You Optimize Creativity?

How is your time aligned with your goals? How do you balance writing and life to optimize creativity?

A creative life is dynamic, purposeful, energized, connected, expressive, and open. It is about a deep sense of self and an understanding of purpose.

I am learning how to make space in my life for creativity to bloom at its pace—not mine. Looking for a balance between setting goals and going with the flow allows for space for a surprise. Lately, my approach has been to make a commitment to show up to create every day. Some days I create a lot. Some days I create very little. It isn’t about output anymore. Now, it feels more like an ongoing imperfect relationship.

What if diligence and perseverance felt like freedom?

It can be helpful to reflect on what you want. This is a template I find helpful:

How do you balance writing and life to optimize creativity?

Create a collage

Explore perseverance and diligence by collecting twenty images that demonstrate these virtues. Then write about how perseverance and diligence spiral through your learning.

Begin a time audit

Track your time for a couple of days, noting how much time you spend at work, with family, writing, cleaning. Reflect on how your time can better reflect your priorities and focus on fewer big things each day.

Start big

Apply the principles of feng shui to your writing space, boosting the creativity corner (maybe with yellow roses?!)


Map an outline to a short story that utilizes different elements of feng shui in surprising ways.


Free-write about the elements: air, wind, water, and fire. Reflect on what they can each teach you. Explore ways elements, directions, colours, and values relate, intersect, connect, and disconnect.

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