I Painted Earth’s Portrait

A week before I launched this year’s Earth Day project I painted the picture at the top of this post. It started as a blue flower and then it slowly became this. I use an intuitive approach to painting. At the time I wasn’t clear on what the painting was saying to me. Then a couple days after launching the call for submissions for the Earth Day e-Chapbook I realized the connection.

I need to celebrate Earth and I’d love for you join me. It has been hard in recent times with the strain on our water, air, and land. Some days I can’t read the news. I’m worried our planet will ‘crack’ one day.

Click the image to join our Earth Day e-Chapbook 2020.

Rather than focus on what we are losing, on what climate change is doing, I’d like to shift my focus to what we have. What is beautiful and wonderful and spectacular about earth right now, today? How can we capture our gratitude for her beauty, abundance, and diversity?

Maybe if we look closely at what we have and what we love, we will work harder to make sure we do our part to make it endure.

I Painted Earth’s Portrait
By Jessica Outram
after the flood
I opened my eyes to see
drowning blue sunflower
melted blueberry seeds ocean
petals lost in raindrop leaves
waterfall stems and river roots
gushing through each village
earth sleeps as sunshine
ribbons wrap too tight
land chokes on smoke
climate flames change and
burn eucalyptus trees
rainforests and rockforests
you chase waves to fly
until everything becomes
so brittle our planet
cracks in despair

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