Creativity Workshop

If Your Creativity Had a Face

What does your creativity look like? Can you see its face? Do you hear its voice? One way to strengthen your relationship with creativity is to bring it to life through personification and metaphor.

Give your creativity a form and a personality.

Begin talking to it during the day and listen for what it says back. I encourage you to take your time with this post and return to it throughout the week. I’ve included some options for you to play with. Pick one each day.

Make a Daily Commitment

Put aside 5-10 minutes every day this week to write. Hold yourself accountable for showing up to the page even if you don’t know what to write.

Play with a scene where you talk to your creative muse. Google quotes by Rainer Marie Rilke and freewrite whatever comes from the one that stands out for you on the screen. Paint a picture of creativity’s face.

What Inspires You?

In this video, I explore the metaphor of ‘fingerprints’ for the Creativity & Process Spiral. The work this week is to reflect on what inspires you, what prevents you from writing, and what questions you want to explore.

Why do you want to write?

Let’s Create:

Engaging with prompts gives us an opportunity to play, to make new connections, and to further develop our ideas. Try one of these!

Build Your Own Creativity in a Jar

They are easy to make. The jar makes the creative exploration more fun!

  1. Begin with a jar.
  2. Add a list of things that will inspire you to action that you can use when your process feels sluggish.
  3. Cut, fold, and place into your jar.
  4. Decorate your jar to make it inviting!


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