Is Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, the First Native American Literary Writer, My Great(x5) Aunt?

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  1. Bert LeClair says:

    Hi Jessica. In researching my Solomon/Johnston family history I came across your blog.
    I was born in Sault SteMarie & my mothers mother was Agnes Solomon. Daughter of William Solomon. He is the son of James Solomon, son of William Solomon & Marguerite. I believe she is Janes sister.
    I plan on more research on a 24Aug trip to Penatanguishene.
    I live in Minden now.
    Also noticed the ENSS logo on your site. My daughter attended when we lived in Colborne…
    Small world!
    Regards Bert LeClair

    • Hi Bert,
      Great to meet you. Small world, indeed! I still need to make the pilgrimage to Penatanguishene. I hope you find some interesting things! Good luck with your search.

  2. Dianne Moore says:

    I too am a descendant of this family. Marie Helen Normandin (born 1825 died 1889) was the daughter of Margaret Solomon and Joseph Normandin. Could she have been the sister of your relative? Marie Helen would later marry Jean Baptist Frechette/Desrochers. I have just begun this research and have also just come across Agibicocona and have wondered the same thing. We have also found some of the same sources. Have you noticed that your family name, Normandin, is also sometimes spelled Normandaine and also, more strangely. Leramonda or Leramondo? Please email me and we can further share our resources and research as we trace our lineage.

    Thank you!


  3. Dianne Moore says:

    I jusr found this. Have you seen these baptismal records?

    Scroll down and you will see Henri Solomon and Marie Louise Solomon born to a Guillaume Solomon and an Agibicocona on July 8 1779.

    • Nice to meet you Dianne. Yes, I have seen this before. Somewhere in my notes I have a printed copy with a few more details. I have a bunch of information that I haven’t had a chance to post. I’m hoping to make some time for it this fall. I’d love to stay in touch! Cheers, Jessica

  4. Lori Burgie Chalmers says:

    I too have the above as my family, any Idea what aboriginal status they had ????

  5. Lynn Jones says:

    Any more information found regarding the paternity of Marguerite Johnston who married William Solomon?

  6. Wendy Smith says:

    Hello Jessica, I enjoyed reading your posting and I hope you are still monitoring replies. I, too, am descended through William Solomon and Marguerite “Johnston” – they are my 3rd great grandparents, and I am descended through their daughter Angelique, and her daughter … continuing thru daughters of daughters to me. I’ve looked through the baptism records from St. Anne’s Church (on Mackinac Island) — the entry believed to be Marguerite (which is a “sous condition” baptism in 1804, signifying that Marguerite had a lay person baptism prior to the St. Anne’s recorded event) does not list the parents, but Ezekiel Solomon and Marie Louise Dubois are the godparents. In one of the contribution’s, I notice that Marguerite is not listed in the Johnston’ bible — which leads me to wonder why Marguerite would be omitted, (?) unless her mother is a different Sauteux N. American. May I ask, have you considered having your DNA tested, and if so, by which service ? Again, thank you for your informative article.

  7. Wendy Smith says:

    Thanks, Jessica, for that quick reply. On this particular lineage, I only learned of my connection back in late May of this year. I became quite curious and went ahead and did the DNA test through If, in the future, you do the testing, please let me know, as I think it will be interesting to see to what degree the DNA may match. Several of the descendants through Ezekiel and Louise cross-match between DNA strands and mine, but they are all through siblings of William; so far, I do not know anyone else at the William/Marguerite level. Thanks, again.

  8. The Métis Nation of Ontario just released its Roots Ancestors project (and it is fabulous!). According to the notes in the Solomon line listed under the Georgian Bay community (, William Solomon had 20 children with three different wives. Marguerite Johnston is noted as a Métis but there is no indication in the document that she is related to the Johnston family.

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