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Listen to Jessica’s Story “Family Picnic Magic” on Life Rattle Radio Sunday at 9:00

Life Rattle Radio Update #30

This Sunday, May 29th, CKLN Live Internet Stream will be airing the last two stories in our Mini-Festival of Family Stories.

Erika Bailey starts us off with a stroll past memories of family moments, personal regrets and acceptance, all framed by a frozen pond. Bailey’s use of the metaphoric sensory stimulation of winter will make you want to cuddle under that lap blanket you haven’t put away yet.

Then you should grab an ice tea, throw that blanket on the floor, sit on it, and take in the deluge of family Jessica Outram is about to unleash with her story “Family Picnic Magic”. You’ll get a kick out of seeing all of your own family characters reflected in the Outram clan, as well as a cameo visit from Father Guido Sarducci.

Be sure to listen this Sunday, to hear stories you won’t hear anywhere else!

Life Rattle Radio


the CKLN Live Internet Stream

Sunday Nights

9:00 to 9:30

Did you miss the show?

Click here to listen to the story now!


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