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Living in Metaphor: Revision as a Source of Energy

What does metaphor do for you? Metaphor gives me energy. It lights up everything it touches through big ways (like the name of my blog: Sunshine in a Jar) or smaller ways. When I am out walking and notice how the sunlight shines on the water and compare it to how I feel in that moment it is metaphor. Our brains are wired to respond to these comparisons. As we’ve explored each of the spirals, we’ve engaged in a study of metaphor. We’ve compared our learning to a spiral and our creativity too.

We are getting close to the end of this series. To review I thought it would be interesting to look at metaphor in a new way, to invite you to write your own metaphor that will serve as a touchstone for the work you’ve done through the eight spirals.

This is an example of a definition poem. It can be a fun way to take a word that captivates you and write your own definition for it.

Metaphor: n.,s A process, nurtured from vision and intention. Reminds me of poetry. Moves like clouds, slides through knowing and builds and alters and shifts, redefining possibility. Represented by icebergs and oranges and trees and triangles and spider webs and circles and hourglasses and…it’s how I see everything.

Or, let’s try a metaphor test!

There is a new trend in testing at schools called a “show what you know test.” What do you know about metaphor?

  • What is metaphor?
  • How can metaphor help enrich your writing?
  • How are you using metaphor?
  • Have you tried creating a metaphor for each of your characters?
  • Does your work utilize an overarching metaphor?
  • How does metaphor work with other forms of figurative language?
  • What is the relationship between metaphor and symbolism? Metaphor and theme?
  • How will you discover a personal metaphor to unite your creative projects and your life?

What do you still need to learn about metaphor? (Build some time into your life over the next month to go out and learn it).

Then write everything you know about love.

Revision Frames

Maximize creativity and turn revision on its head! Click here for slides.

Try to think differently about revision…

“Re-vision.” To see again.

Cut them out and then reread your work six times, using one small checklist at a time.

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