May in Northumberland

A beautiful Saturday morning in Northumberland. First, time with my camera exploring Cobourg and Brighton. Then, reading poetry by the water in Presqu’ile Park. Finally, shopping!

Chatty birds competed for attention. Remnants of fall, frozen through the winter, now transforming into new growth. Vibrant colours playing peek-a-boo at every turn. Today was a gift for photographers in the Northumberland area.

As I sat by the water I thought about the healing and grounding that comes from being still outdoors, about life and purpose and writing, about generations past and the time that they too may have sat by the water. I wondered if we are losing a sense of the value of stillness in our busy hustle of the every day. I wondered about stillness in nature as an antidote to widespread worry and anxiety.

I remembered the first time I visited Presqu’ile. The feeling of hope and connection even stronger now at 44 than it was at 40.

Clouds drift and coolness settles in as I read Leonard Cohen’s latest collection of poetry, adding subtext to the moment. Light and darkness. Life and death. Rebirth. Self-portraits scattered about. Using his self-reflection to prompt my self-reflection. When the sun reappears my soul seems to light up too. I feel the weight of winter sink into earth. Grateful for the simplicity of this Saturday morning and awed by the complexity of the landscape transforming before me.

This is the time of year I love to take pictures of nature. I have always wanted to play with Lightroom so tonight I indulged…I love all the artistic choices. Here are some of the delights I encountered throughout the day…


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