Meet Felicity Sidnell Reid

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  1. Pat Skene says:

    What a wonderful post and great tribute to Felicity. The people we meet in our lives do teach us valuable lessons every day. How very thoughtful of you to take the time to write down all the good things you’ve learned as her friend and fellow-writer. Good on you Jess and congrats to Felicity for inspiring you to write this post.

  2. Peggy Leavey says:

    A wonderful tribute, Jessica, to a fine woman. We SOH writers all trust and deeply appreciate Felicity, and you put these feelings into words so perfectly. Thank you. I also learned a lot about her that I didn’t know! Felicity doesn’t talk a lot about herself and her accomplishments.

  3. Cathy Brooks says:

    Great post! I enjoy hearing about Canadian Authors and am looking forward to reading more.

  4. Thank you, Jessica, for profiling Felicity and sharing how she has influenced you in 5 short years. Like others in SOH I appreciate the wonderful leadership role she’s performed as chair of our writers’ group. You have revealed what a truly wonderful woman she is.

  5. Mary Norton says:

    Joining Cramahe Library in 2010, Felicity welcomed and advised me with sensitivity and a great listening ear. She was Chair of the Library Board for many years before I joined, but has still kept a close watch on the library since stepping down from that position. Jessica your comments, particularly on ‘staying focused’ while juggling everything around her, are well deserved ……. thank you for expressing what we all feel.

  6. aunt estelle says:

    Jessica this is a wonderful ‘life lesson’. We would all be better for taking the time to appreciate these ‘teachers’ that come in to our lives and learn from them. Great post Jessica. We now want to have Felicity over for Sunday dinner 😊.

  7. Cathy Maclennan says:

    I know that Felicity is a truly great lady, she is my sister. She is strong and constant and a true wordsmith. She has always been an obsessive reader and she has sharp observations and critiques to make about other’s work. I, too loved her book and it brought her a little closer to me.
    Cathy Maclennan

  8. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Felicity and I taught together many years ago and it is interesting to see how a true teacher never does stop inspiring others. I am delighted to learn that Felicity continues to be appreciated by those who are fortunate enough to know her. Looking back over the years, it is easy to see why her students, colleagues and friends cherished her. Our lives were always greatly enriched by her kindness and wisdom. Her brilliance, humour and her love of learning are only a few of the wonderful qualities that make her such a special person. Thank you for writing about her Jessica. It is most deserved.

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