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Morning Pages: Organizing Time, Space, and Writing

Julia Cameron recommends Morning Pages in The Artist’s Way. Freely write without censor every morning. Let the words lead the way. I never know where the words will go when I begin.

Morning is my favourite time to write. The house is quiet. It’s before 6:00 am and the morning darkness spreads a dreamy energy.

I’m learning that we rarely feel one thing in a given moment. Usually it’s a combination of feelings and often the feelings are contrasting. The tension between wanting to sleep a while longer and wanting to get the day started can only find peace with coffee.

I select a mug to inspire me too. It’s an Alex Janvier Morning Star porcelain mug.

“Morning Star murals four sections represent the Medicine Wheel, culturally significant to many Aboriginals.  There are four directions, four seasons, the elements (earth, wind, fire, water), stages of life (infant, child, adult, and elder.) Also, the Denesuline people used the Morning Star as a traveling guide at night.”

Alex Janvier

I like to organize big ideas like time and space and aging within seasons and cycles. It’s logical and comforting. Simple yet grand schemas to lend some order to our vast universe.

North, East, South, West. A map for our planet or directions to a friend’s house.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. There is a time for everything. Lately, I’ve been thinking about seasons a lot. I read somewhere that we have let go of our “winters,” our time to rest, and it is burning us out. Traditionally the winter was a time for more sleep, less work, fewer activities. I’ve been thinking about each of the seasons and wondering which season is the one where I rest? Which season is the one where I make a point to do less? If I don’t recharge in the winter, then I won’t have enough energy for all the extra excitement that comes with Spring. I wonder if the summer is my winter.

Earth, wind, fire, water. I’ve tried to use the elements to inspire the decor in my living room. I feel grounded and connected in this space. Each of the elements is represented. Photographs of Lake Ontario and a print of Georgian Bay. Rug with colours inspired by sea life. Beautiful plants. Flowers embroidered on the cushions. Collection of stones. Salt rock lamp. Table tops of natural wood. Candles. Hanging metal sculpture showing the movement of wind. Birds in the artwork and the upholstery.

It’s my birthday. The stages of life were weaving through the days leading up to today. Milestones and life events rising from the depths of memory, saying hello, reminding me of where I’ve been and where I am going. Saying goodbye to a year and welcoming another.

What to say about birthdays. The tension between wanting to be recognized and wanting to be invisible. Grateful for friends and family and home and fulfilling job. Disappointed that another year has gone by so quickly. Worried about health and aging and things to be done. Assured by more confidence, deeper knowing, and clearer focus about what’s important. Remembering a time when birthdays were simple and joyful celebrations with pizza and cake, a time before my body said no to gluten and dairy. Excited about a luxurious day ahead with my mom and future sister-in-law at the spa.

The bright colours of my mug bring energy to a rainy morning. I use this image as my travelling guide as I begin the day and my 44th year. And with that my morning pages are done for today and it’s time for my second coffee.

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