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Ontario Writer’s Conference Master Class

Registration is now open for the Ontario Writer’s Conference, May 3 and 4, 2013. Hope you can join us!

I will be teaching a Master Class titled: We Write Who We Are.

Examine ways we collect stories and ways we share them. Whether you are starting a new project or need to infuse life into a work in process, this workshop aims to inspire your process be it fiction, poetry or non-fiction. Since all writing is subjective and you are the writer, this workshop also explores the relationship between the writer and what s/he is writing. This workshop is research based.

The final piece of this exploration is “autoethnography”– writing about the self within the context of culture, politics, and environment. How has your world influenced you to become who you are? In particular we will look at the question of how your world has influenced you to become the writer you are today.

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