• Honesty & Courage Spiral

    Singing Eva Cassidy

    My friend Jessica first introduced me to Eva Cassidy a couple years ago. We sang “Over the Rainbow” and “Time After Time” together at an event. Our friend Neil played piano. Both song arrangements were tough for me and showed me I had a lot more to learn about singing.

  • Memoirs

    Smudging Feather

    My cousin and I started smudging together in the 1990s. Aunt Pat gave us our first sage and abalone shell bowls. We learned about ceremony. We learned about the value of sacred time together.

    Last summer I bought a beautiful smudging feather with a pink quartz handle that stands proudly in an oak base. It was created by First Nations artist LinDaLou. The staff told us that the artist visits the Centre, setting up a table by the fire for a few days to assemble them. We loved that it was created in a space that means so much to us.

  • Georgian Bay Roots

    Family History in Britt, Ontario

    Our family history in Britt, Ontario, is rich and goes back to before the town had its name. Britt stretches down one road off Highway 69 along Still River to Lake Magnetewan and out to the mouth of Georgian Bay. 

    Mom worked on a population study when she was in high school (in the late 60s) and reported five hundred people lived there then. Approximately, three hundred people live in Britt now.