• Creativity & Process Spiral

    Creative Connections

    One of the best parts about having a blog is learning that something that is posted is of some use to people. I love the interactive nature of blogs. The opportunity for people to leave comments on blogs. We can share things that are important to us. We can collect and document experiences. We can learn from each other. We can inspire each other.

    Over the past couple years I’ve heard that some of my photos have become a source for other people’s projects and I’ve found some of my posts linked or embedded in other people’s work. I’ve met some really interesting people from around the world too. These creative connections are important.

    My cousin Lise sent me a note this week. She’s bringing joy to herself and others by painting on jean jackets. What a fabulous idea! Here is one she recently created for her mother using a picture from my site:

    And then last Spring, Paul Mondoux, another talented artist reached out to me asking if he could use one of my photographs for a painting. At the time of this post, it was listed as available on his website. Here is his beautiful life-like creation:

    And before that a wonderful local artist, Jennifer Trefiak, used a photo of Lake Ontario I took in the Spring for one of her paintings. Riding my bike to the lake always inspired a photo and a share on Facebook. I was so thrilled that Jennifer wanted to use this one to create this dynamic piece:

  • Photography

    Autumn Leaves on Georgian Bay

    It rained most of the weekend this Thanksgiving but that didn’t stop me from getting outside to take pictures of the leaves between rainfalls. I wish you could see them in full resolution! Here are some of my pics:

  • Poet Laureate of Cobourg

    Inspired by Cobourg: Will You Join Us?

    I want to write more about Cobourg. Explore its locations and history. I’d love to do this with you! In the new year I plan to launch a new project as Poet Laureate. I’m still working out the details but the broad strokes of the plan is to offer some free writing workshops in various locations around town. Let’s be inspired together!

  • Love & Energy Spiral


    sun lights red maple
    glowing warmth
    and memory
    summer afternoons gone
    crisp breath talks
    to fallen leaves
    collected as treasures
    upon our table
    thank-you trees
    and sun and time
    children like sunflowers
    energy spirals
    and mindfulness
    winter mornings near
    bright appetites linger
    family’s feasting
    savoured as love
    captured in our portrait
    thank-you home
    and food and this.

    © Jessica Outram

  • Poet Laureate of Cobourg

    Spirit of the Hills Festival of the Arts

    Join us October 24 to October 26, 2019 for a weekend of sharing across the arts. Click here for more information.

    I will be sharing a new poem at the Opening Gala. I’ve also created my first multi-media poetry experience called “What the Bay Saw” for Saturday’s Words on a Wire event. Finally, one of my memoirs is included in the latest volume of Hill Spirits.

    I’m looking forward to celebrating the arts with local artists and writers!