• Love & Energy Spiral


    sun lights red maple
    glowing warmth
    and memory
    summer afternoons gone
    crisp breath talks
    to fallen leaves
    collected as treasures
    upon our table
    thank-you trees
    and sun and time
    children like sunflowers
    energy spirals
    and mindfulness
    winter mornings near
    bright appetites linger
    family’s feasting
    savoured as love
    captured in our portrait
    thank-you home
    and food and this.

    © Jessica Outram

  • Poet Laureate of Cobourg

    Spirit of the Hills Festival of the Arts

    Join us October 24 to October 26, 2019 for a weekend of sharing across the arts. Click here for more information.

    I will be sharing a new poem at the Opening Gala. I’ve also created my first multi-media poetry experience called “What the Bay Saw” for Saturday’s Words on a Wire event. Finally, one of my memoirs is included in the latest volume of Hill Spirits.

    I’m looking forward to celebrating the arts with local artists and writers!

  • Georgian Bay Roots

    More About Gereaux Island Lighthouse

    About the Building

    In 1996, my Uncle Bob wrote to the government requesting information about Gereaux Island Lighthouse. He knew this was a meaningful place for my Aunt Pat: her father grew up in this lighthouse and her grandfather was keeper. The government sent him the plans for Great Duck Island Lighthouse on Lake Huron (built in 1876) stating it was very similar in construction. They also sent a few other spec sheets and an article. Uncle Bob used this information to have a replica built for her as a gift. Fast forward many years later and Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob have shared that gift with me. I have the replica in a special place among family photos in my home.

    According to an informal building report from the Federal Heritage Building Review Office, published in December 1990, Gereaux Island Lighthouse is a square tapered wooden lighttower with attached dwelling. This form had living space in both the attached dwelling and in the tower. This model was used especially in remote locations.

  • Principal

    A Poem for the First Day of School

    Back to School
    On the first day
    we put on our new school shoes
    travelling back to the future
    knowing our desks soar like jets and
    pencils swim like dolphins.
    The first time we hear the bell
    we see our teacher wears a cape,
    super smiles and high fives among
    line-ups and hooks with our names
    beyond this classroom
    on the moon.
    We sit quietly not on a carpet or in a chair
    but on a massive drawbridge
    between the forest and the castle
    waiting for a glimpse of a dragon or a knight
    or to be invited to study with a wizard.
    At lunch we eat small bites out of boxes
    bouncing to go outside to a jungle
    and run with tigers
    giggle with hyenas and jump with frogs.
    We learn to count the days with robots
    (not the boring kind)
    our robots code the world
    and we will use them to change the world
    And: You. Will. Change. The. World.
    We ride unicorns in the afternoon
    our thinking and creativity and compassion
    unrestrained and generous.
    We learn outside of walls and boundaries
    guided by curious questions and wonder
    full of possibility.
    Tonight when your parents ask
    what did you learn at school today?
    You can say:
    we saved a life
    we created a planet
    we sang and danced beside giants
    we jumped into the centre of the puzzle
    and found algebraic patterns
    in the photosynthesis of numbers
    converting our spunky energy
    into brainy energy that will be released in time
    or you will humbly say

    © Jessica Outram

  • purple sunset
    Georgian Bay Roots

    Sunrises and Sunsets on Georgian Bay

    I wish I lived with a view of the water. When I am at the cottage I spend each morning and each evening watching the colours change. In the mornings, the stillness spreads across smooth waters, birds break the silence with their songs, and misty fog rises up and then rolls out from the river into the bay. By 9:00 am the bay is alive, trees dance in the sparkling wind, and voices crowd out the birds.

  • The Writing Spiral

    The Writing Spiral Online Creative Writing Course

    Write who you are. Live your metaphors.

    How does metaphor work in your life?

    What is your relationship with your writing process? How do you develop mastery as a writer? How do you write your truth?

    Actively explore metaphor through writing and reflection to boost your creativity and re-invigorate your writing process.