Georgian Bay

Parry Sound Fire 33: July 2018

There are much more interesting photos out there of the fire. It is a sad news story that I can’t stop following this summer. Each time we went out in the boat, we could see smoke rising up out of the bush. It’s heartbreaking to imagine the landscape I love so much in flames.

If you are looking for some sources of information about the fires, check out:


  • Alan Carlisle

    Your Commitment, connection , devotion to this area is infectious..
    Our family, as summer campers at Sturgeon Bay Camp grounds, Were introduced to this area by our camp hosts the Watts..They suggested we come to the Legion Fridaynight Fish fry at the Legion..
    Which began a new chapter in our lives..
    While embracing our 3 weeks, if lucky Camping, We also came in the winter to check out the bay. Staying at St. Amant’s … or a B&B in Parry sound…
    Clearly a winter life to be embraced ..
    We still enjoyed family camping as the children had their own lives, often visiting and staying over and reliving their summers in Sturgeon bay area..The Point au Baril Light house and bringing home cold water bass for diner was top of the bright moments…..
    Finally we pulled the trigger on a beautyful home overlooking last Fall’s Wild November storm and its lamentable devestation of the Public Wharf.. (A worthy project of repair that some how may unfold.. )
    I realize more keenly from your writing, observation and passion that although a new comer, It is a easy transition to relate to your story ..
    The local innitiative did publish a very appealing history of the inlet. which i was so pleased to find in the library just before it closed.. The Librarian Barbara, and her colleagues, were helpful and interestingly helped me disavow my personal sense of being an interloper.. Love is love after all??
    Finally, I realize the history book displayed the rough, raw and dangerous part of being a “Lumber Camp Resident”..
    So the romance and wonder that a newcomer may wish to see, certainly omits the harsh realities of 100 years ago.. And yet of course great things large and tiny unfolded here as well as evident in your picture gallery..
    Am very thankful circumsatances allowed us to show up and share our lives with the people of Britt.. And as it seems vice versa..
    So thank you for this opportunity to recognize your impact, from and too, this very tenacious and lively community..
    Sincerely ,
    Alan T. Carlisle

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