Creativity Workshop

Play with Your Creative Blocks

What is your first step when you have creative blocks? Do you resist? Do you get mad? Do you dive in and play? Maybe you’ve never had a creative block. This is possible too.

Creativity is always present, like the moon, even when we can’t see it. Sometimes we need a little help to remember it’s there. During these times, go gently. Engaging in creativity is a relationship. There will be ebbs and flows. When we change our perspective we can change the relationship. How can you see your project from the perspective of a mouse? Or the perspective of an eagle? How does this change you and the work?

How can you add more play to your relationship with creativity? What would this look like for you? In the second half of the video I explore some possibilities!

A review of creating the conditions to optimize creativity and a discussion about how to smash writer’s block that could easily transfer to any creative blocks.


Make a list of questions right now about everything you wonder about.

Why won’t my character listen to me? When is the best time of year to trim my trees? What should I make for dinner? What would happen if I went to Italy tonight? How can I best support my staff? Where should I put my new plant?


Mixed media is when an artist uses various forms together in one work of art. Apply this idea to your novel, playing with mixing as many forms as you can for a week.


Spend an hour looking for quotations about diligence and perseverance. Choosing eight that you like best, print them out and put them in a jar on your desk. The next time you want to walk away from a tough project, pull out a quotation to help motivate you to return to the work.


Map out a creative project in your calendar. Include:

  • when you will create
  • what you will create
  • how you will be accountable
  • when you will check in on progress
  • how you will share your work and with who

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