The Writing Spiral

Podcast 1: What is the Writing Spiral?

To celebrate the anniversary of the launch of The Writing Spiral: Learning as a Writer I’ve decided to read the book on audio as a podcast.

This is the introduction. Most of the time I will read from the book, but sometimes I will go off script and engage in a more spontaneous discussion about the section.

I hope you enjoy it!

We learn before we write. We learn as we write. The spiral represents what is happening on the inside of the writer as the words take form on the page. The writing spiral is the inner landscape of a writer.

Three Key Concepts of The Writing Spiral:

  1. It’s about thinking about how we learn.
  2. When we become aware of how we learn, we are able to set up the conditions to learn any time.
  3. The more we learn (and the more aware we are of what we are learning and how we learn best), the more we will write.

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