Poet Laureate of Cobourg

Poetry Invites: Inspired by Cobourg

What is Poetry Invites?

Cobourg is a dynamic town filled with landscapes, people, and places that inspire. Let’s use our town to inspire poetry we can share!

Encouraging others to create is an important part of my mission as Poet Laureate. The goal of Poetry Invites is to invite anyone who is interested (from here or anywhere) to write poetry inspired by our town.

Poetry is good medicine! All the prompts will be easy to access safely while we navigate our way through COVID-19 protocols. Most prompts will be outdoors or utilize online resources. The prompts will be an invitation to reflect on a theme, a place, or idea. You can write the poem in any form you choose!

Let’s join together and write in community! Engage in the prompts, share your poems, and then read the poems of others!

How does Poetry Invites work?

This project is easy: a monthly writing prompt. It aims to encourage us to write more poetry.

The prompt will be emailed on the first of each month at 5:00 am to the subscribers to Poetry Present.

Your poems can be submitted to a new eChapbook called “Cobourg Present.” This will be a different kind of eChapbook that will continue to grow each month as poems are submitted. A link to the eChapbook will be included in the email with the prompt each month so you can watch it grow and evolve.

Begin with the prompt and allow it to lead you anywhere. The poems do not have to be about Cobourg. These are poems inspired by Cobourg.

How do you submit a poem that you wrote that is inspired by Cobourg?

Submitting a poem is simple: fill in this form with your poet info (by clicking here) and then email the poem.

Let’s create something together in 2021 that is inspired by Cobourg!

The poems will be organized in chapters based on each prompt.

Read Our Evolving eChapbook

An updated version launches at the beginning of each month.


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