Poetry Invites

Poetry Invites January

Inspired By Our Lake

One of my favourite features of Cobourg is its proximity to Lake Ontario. It shines in every season. Whether I am walking along the beach or visiting a friend near Monk’s Cove or walking the trail near my place, the lake always captures my attention.

This month I invite you to bundle up in your warmest gear or park somewhere with a view and spend some time with the lake. What do you notice? How does the light look? In what ways does the water move? Where does the ice gather? Do you see any wildlife? What is your memory of this place in other seasons?

How could you capture the spirit of Lake Ontario in a poem?

Or maybe the history of the buildings and life along the lake interests you. Click here to read some Cobourg history. Or maybe you want to explore some of the social justice issues the lake inspires. Begin with the lake and see where it leads you.

Read more about the Poetry Invites Project and about how to submit a poem to our eChapbook.

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