Poetry Invites

Poetry Invites June

Inspired by our Grandparents

According to the 2016 census the average age of people in Cobourg is 49. The median age is 54. This means a lot of grandparents live here!

Write a poem for Cobourg Present, our evolving eChapbook. 

This month you are invited to write a poem about your grandparents. The last year hasn’t been easy and many are looking forward to when they can see grandparents again. Or some people are thinking about the events in history their grandparents lived through and reflecting on how that connects or compares to this.

What do you love most about your grandparents? What do you remember about them? What would you do if you could spend the day with them today?

Maybe you want to write from the perspective of your child self. Maybe your grandparents are gone and you want to capture their legacy in a poem. Was there a lesson they taught you? Start with a photo or a phone call and see where it takes you.

Let’s celebrate our grandparents.

You are also welcome to revisit a prompt from an earlier month and submit a poem at any time. Click here to see the archive of prompts.

Our Evolving eChapbook

Have a look at what we have created since January 2021! An updated launch each month.

Read more about the Poetry Invites Project and about how to submit a poem to our eChapbook.

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